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About Us

About Us

I.CP believes in the healing benefits of organic raw ingredients provided by the grounds of Mother Earth.   We love and care for Mother Earth and believe we should preserve our planet with less pollution and chemical.  We value the importance to create products made of organic and natural ingredients free from harmful substances.

The Story Behind I.CP

I.CP was founded on 2018 by Carol Poon. 

Carol is a mother of two, a licensed esthetician, and enjoys traveling.

Many asked me 'Why I wanted to start a body care product line when there are so many other products out in the market already.’  I had to tell them that my life was made and built for this. 

I was born in Hong Kong where the humidity is always high and when I was 4, I started having joint pains on my knees and elbows. These pains did not end after a year or two later.  I endured my childhood, teenage years, into my young adult years with these endless pains.  The pain felt as if someone drilled into my bones.  My joints acted as the weatherman, I was able to forecast when the rain would come in with this.  Doctor visits after doctor visits for blood test and x-rays gave me no solutions.  Eventually, I built my relationship with painkillers and Bengay as this was my only solution to keep my quality of life.  

Twenty two years later, when I turned twenty six, I gave birth to my first beautiful daughter.  In the Chinese culture, it’s a custom tradition to stay indoor for a full month to load your body up with ginger and bed rest as the body recuperates.  This was the ultimate ginger detox.  Within that first month, I consumed more ginger than I had ever did in my entire life.  Everything I ate had ne simple ingredient: ginger!  I had a month of ginger diet and ginger bath, and little did I know it, the pain level and frequency of pain highly decreased. Ginger stuck by my side since my daughter came into this world.  The blessing of my daughter also blessed me with painless joints. The ability to sleep through nights without pain had me curious.  I started to research and read books about ginger roots. I experimented with ginger on my own body scrub ad bath.  With these experiments, I have incorporated ginger to my daily diet and lifestyle and it has been my savior over painkillers. 


I.CP is here to share my own experience and Ginger My Life journey with others as a living proof of what ginger can provide for our body. I hereby continues my journey with you in creating products that are safe and beneficial for our daily life. Carol continued her education and currently a licensed esthetician in the state of California. 


Thanks for visiting!

- Carol Poon